Our Services


Our audit function is performed to add value to our clients by sharing our experiences and knowledge. This allows us to help our clients in managing their business risk in a professional manner. Knowing the client's business, and planning the audit, helps us to express an opinion on the financial statements and to ensure that they are free of material misstatements.


Our accounting services are based on identification, measurement and communication of financial information about economic entities to interested parties. This information is used to generate financial reports which are prepared under International Financial Reporting Standards "IFRS".


Taxes have become a heavy burden on most companies. Along with our extensive experience, we help our clients manage their tax bills and reduce taxes on their earnings.

Consultancy Services

In a business environment of increasing global competitiveness, AWR Ltd. offers a wide range of consultancy services to provide a competitive advantage. Based on AWR Ltd.'s extensive experience, our clients are poised to be positioned in the forefront.